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Infamous Esports was established in 2019 by Richard “Phoenix” Haines. The passion for Esports for Richard started when he began a small Rainbow Six Siege League, Infamous League. The Infamous League was an Xbox R6 League with great prize pools and some of the greatest competition that Xbox R6 could give you. After two season into the league, Richard got the idea to start his own organization branching out of the league, where teams could have the opportunity to play and compete in the entry fee leagues. After a couple seasons the task of running a league and running an organization became too much for him. The organization temporarily was inactive until Colin “Trix” Hansen contacted Richard about running an R6 team under the Infamous name. Little did they know this would be the start of a partnership. After six seasons of the league Richard decided that he wanted to step down from running a league and focus solely on running an esports organization. Richard and Colin teamed up as Co-Owners of Infamous Esports and started recruiting teams and staff from various games and competing in all types of competition. The goal of Infamous Esports as an organization is to become one of the top esports organizations in the world. Not only that but to provide a family based atmosphere throughout the organization that teams and players can come back to. The future of Infamous continues to look up and we hope you join us on this ride. Welcome to the Journey! #RiseofInfamous

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