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Owner CEO, & CFO - Richard “Phoenix” Haines

Richard was introduced into competitive gaming late into his Junior year of High School. He competed in Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox and PC, as well as Rocket League. After he backed away from competing he devoted his time and efforts into Infamous Esports. Currently he is staffing as the Owner, CEO, and CFO of Infamous Esports. He has taken on a large goal to turn Infamous Esports into one of the greatest competing esports organizations of all time. 


Owner, COO, & Head of Player Relations - Colin “Trix” Hansen 

Colin fell in love with Gaming at a young age, it started as a hobby and he never thought it would be more than that. He got involved with Esports through an R6 league run by Richard himself, and that’s where their friendship started. Starting up the org wasn’t something he saw changing his life but day by day it has involved him into a better man and paved a path as a life plan. He can now truly say Esports is more than a hobby. 

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